Looking for a Fresh Start?

Let’s do it together.

Everyone has two types of fresh starts in life.

The first one where you are too young to have any credit.

The second one where the choices you made resulted in harsh consequences. Usually, from insufficient knowledge about money supply used to trade for paper in our economy. We offer various mortgage loan programs for somebody looking to purchase a property or refinance a property with abysmal credit. We understand life and unexpected events could take a turn in the wrong direction. It’s okay challenges make life more exciting.

 Live and learn, as the saying goes.

In a fresh start situation that resulted in difficult consequences, we are looking for the root cause which led you astray. The reason will function as our interlocking puzzle piece. We are preserving the connection to better financial health with a three-step process. The first step is to temporarily secure a mortgage with unfavorable terms until we work on the second step, rebuilding your credit rating and, lastly, transitioning you into a new, more favorable term mortgage. We have five programs to offer as a Fresh Start Option.

Have No Credit?

Have Low Credit?

One day out of Foreclosure

One day out of Bankruptcy

One day out of Short Sale