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What are the advantages of buying real estate?

Financial Independence:
When you pay rent, you might as well be flushing that money down the toilet. You will never get it back. Rent is how the landlord earns their income. If you want to make that money, it’s advantageous to buy instead of giving it to the landlord. The investment you put into the real estate you buy will earn equity. Every dollar you pay in principal, aka loan amount towards your home, is another dollar paid into your home’s equity and ownership. If you sell your home, you get all the money back, plus it appreciates, and your cost of living goes down as the mortgage is amortized over time. Renting your home will cost more each year as the inflation rates rise, and your monthly payment increases.

Lower Income Tax:
The interest you pay on your home loan is tax-deductible; the government treats interest payments as if you never earned that money for income tax purposes.
The annual property taxes are also tax-deductible, as are the purchase origination points, aka fees paid when buying a home.
These reasons are the primary consideration for real estate ownership.
The mortgage payments may be higher than rent payments, but the annual saving is more significant than renting, plus you get to own something to make your own.

When you buy and own your home, you make your own rules, unlike all the rules you need to follow in your lease agreement.
If you want to remodel something or change the color of your paint, go right ahead. Your home, your rules nobody to evict you if you break the rules set by your landlord just as long as you are paying your obligations to own that property, of course!

If you buy a home, the legal definition of ownership is the right of one or more persons to possess and use the property to the exclusion of all others. The real estate bundle of rights (rights of use, possession, encumbering, and disposition) protects you from unwanted visitors. Nobody has the right to enter your home, cross your lawn, or even look inside without your permission. The word “right” refers to a claim or title to an interest in property that is enforceable by law. “possess” and “use” refer to the control of land.
American law places so much emphasis on homeowners’ property rights that you could even shoot and kill anyone who does intrude on your property if you think the intruder might hurt you.

How do we help you buy real estate?

We use a set of documents as tools to split responsibilities and fiduciary duties, which legally allow advising the buyer, negotiating the lowest price, and otherwise assisting the buyer in closing the transaction. Our professional navigation through legal aspects of attaining real estate will leave you feeling confident and safe with the decision-making required to own real estate while learning the rights you will acquire and the responsibilities you need to maintain during the process.

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Advantages of Selling

Realistically speaking, the only advantage is because you want to move to a new location, and you don’t have sufficient funds to keep your current property and buy a new house in the area where you want to move.

Some sites will advertise another advantage as upgrading to a better new property. At our company, we believe holding real estate is the best way to build generational wealth. Some may think they have to sell as everyone ages because they want to downsize to something more comfortable and age-appropriate. We agree that comfort is essential, leading us to believe building equity and collecting passive rental income is a more keen aging solution. 

Did you know 93% of all home searches begin online but is that truly the value you need to pay 6% commission? 

Let’s find out! But first, remember Real Estate is a Full-Time Profession that employs 184,000 active agents and 101,000 active brokers in California alone. There are about 90,000 in Arizona.

What it takes to sell a real property:

1. Collect all the data you have on the property you are looking to sell. Data? What Data? Scratch that! Take two!

Figure out which data to collect on the property you want to sell! We included a checklist for DIY convenience.

2. Prepare the property to sell for top dollar!

3. Gather local market data and do a property CMA (comparative market analysis). Make sure you have the tools and memberships to do this part; they are costly!

4. Conduct cost-effective repairs for top dollar earnings! For a low, low price, we can sell you a cheat sheet to save you time on this step! DIY buy cheat sheet

5. Gather documents and knowledge on completing forms while shielding yourself from a lawsuit! Maybe consider an E&O Policy too!

6. Take some professional quality photos with a camera not to lose resolution. DIY Order Pro Photos

7. Start Marketing your property by creating accounts on over 125 websites to get maximum exposure and quit your day job to screen buyers, answer their questions, and show the property right away to all the interested prospects! This step requires money; it’s not free.

8. Hide all of your valuable personal belongings during all showings if you forgot to prescreen the kleptomaniacs!

9. Find a good relationship with an Escrow company that will prioritize your single property sale.

10. Find a good relationship with a lender who will get your buyer to closing the fastest.

11. Negotiate mutually beneficial terms after providing all state and federally required disclosures.

12. Write a contract and adhere to the 42 actions critical date list.

13. Present the contract to every party involved in your transaction.

14. Provide SPDS to the buyer.

15. Provide Property Insurance Claims History

16. Notify HOA, if applicable, for transfer documentation and fee sheet.

17. Provide HOA Bylaws, CCRs, and disclosures to the buyer

18. Allow the buyer to order inspections and let the inspector into the property.

19. Renegotiate the contract, add necessary addendums and clauses.

20. Order and Review Title Policy

21. Get the property appraised.

22. Renegotiate the contract or cancel the contract and start over again with someone new.

23. Conduct a Pre- Closing buyer walkthrough before closing.

24. Buy DIY Bundle

25. Connect with our professional team to help you!


What are the advantages of renting real estate?

A renter who wants to move to a new part of the city or even leave the area can wait until their lease expires and leave.
Three years or less in an area is usually a good indicator to determine if renting is right for you.
A renter usually has no home maintenance responsibility or expenses for their residence. The landlord picks up those expenses. No maintenance responsibility is a massive perk to renting so long as your landlords are responsible for their landlord’s rights.
Everyone may access a handbook of tenant and landlord rights here.
Lower Insurance Payments:
Some renters carry renters insurance. It protects them against misfortunes like theft or destruction of personal property in the rented property. This type of insurance, compared to homeowners insurance, is less expensive.
No Property Taxes:
In a rental property, there is no need to pay any property taxes.
Landlords pay this on your behalf to local governments, which then provide you with public schools, streetlights, and road repair.
With this new understanding of rental advantages, if you believe renting is right for you, visit our rental property page for a vast selection of available rental property in any of the three states we service.

Pet Friendly Housing

Your next rental has to be a good fit for your fur-baby members.

Let’s find you a home you can share with your pets.

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Restricted Breeds or Non-Restricted Breeds

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