NON-QM Loans

Non-qualified or non-QM loans are a particular type of residential mortgage designed for a borrower who doesn’t qualify for a conventional loan. These loans are intended to serve borrowers whose income has a higher likelihood to fluctuate than those in salaried positions. Non-QM loans typically apply to certain individuals, such as:

  • Business owners
  • Self-employed
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Contract workers
  • Gig-economy workers
  • Retirees

Non-QM lenders have alternative methods of verifying income, such as bank statements or liquid assets. As a result, these loans typically have a lower ceiling than conventional loans. Many types of wholesale lenders offer non-QM mortgages. As non-salaried employment continues to become more common, these loans are accounting for a larger portion of residential mortgages and continue to grow.

Asset Qual

Foreign National ITIN

Hard Money Short Bridge

Hard Money Long Bridge

Investment NO RATIO

Investment DSCR

Low Credit

No MI Over 80

No MI Over 90

One Day out of Foreclosure

One Day out of Bankruptcy


1 Year tax Return

12 Months Personal Bank Statement

24 Months Personal Bank Statement

12 Months Business Bank Statement

24 Months Business Bank Statement