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A mortgage brokerage, is an intermediary who brings mortgage borrowers and mortgage lenders together by providing navigation through a wide variety of home loan products and services. To the untrained professional seems like an intricate puzzle with us by your side, it gets solved with ease.

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Everyone is responsible for creating their dream. We respect our clients’ and customers’ choices. The right actions will lead you to the right decisions. Our work helps guide your options in real estate and mortgages to attain the reality you desire.

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Permanent mortgage rate buydowns are the tool of choice for most homebuyers to combat unaffordability, with relatively few turning to the temporary offerings that are now in vogue, Black Knight said.In the third week of January, 57% of home buyers that locked in that week paid at least 0.5 points...
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency informed banks, which it oversees, that changes have been made to Home Mortgage Disclosure Act reporting requirements.Going forward, the loan volume reporting threshold is set at 25 closed-end mortgage loans originated in each of the two preceding calendar years, according to a...
A federal judge dismissed a redlining lawsuit filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against a Chicago mortgage lender, calling the case "flawed," and rejecting the bureau's argument that discrimination in home loans applies to prospective applicants. On Friday, Judge Franklin U. Valderrama of the U.S. District Court for the Northern...
Mike Cagney, the former chief executive officer of lending giant SoFi, is searching for investors for his latest startup, Figure Technologies Inc. The company, which builds financial products on a blockchain, is also seeking to spin off some product lines as it navigates a dramatic industry downturn.Two years ago, when investors' fintech frenzy was at its peak,...

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