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A mortgage brokerage, is an intermediary who brings mortgage borrowers and mortgage lenders together by providing navigation through a wide variety of home loan products and services. To the untrained professional seems like an intricate puzzle with us by your side, it gets solved with ease.

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Everyone is responsible for creating their dream. We respect our clients’ and customers’ choices. The right actions will lead you to the right decisions. Our work helps guide your options in real estate and mortgages to attain the reality you desire.

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The introduction of COVID-19 into our economy has forced mortgage companies to take a hard look at efficiencies and determine how to ensure uninterrupted, high-quality service delivery. As the recent pandemic has shown, a company's own service delivery can be at risk if its only provider has a downgrade in...
Millennial mortgage activity remained vigorous as summer came to a close, according to Ellie Mae. Mortgage applicants between 21 and 40 locked in an average 30-year interest rate of 3.105% — a number that continues to descend to new Millennial Tracker record lows. The rate fell from 3.256% in July...
Posted on October 7th, 2020 While it’s still possible to request forbearance via the CARES Act if you’re having trouble making mortgage payments, this option will eventually come to an end. Oddly, it’s not even known when that date is, at least when it comes to mortgages backed by Fannie...
With rising prices negatively affecting their view of the market, fewer Americans said it was a good time to purchase a house in September compared with the previous month and in September of last year, Fannie Mae said. Even so, the company's monthly Home Purchase Sentiment Index rose to 81...

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